Gun in school, 10-year-old’s shooting death reminders that gun safety crucial

Generally I roll my eyes when I hear about kids getting in trouble for having “weapons” – say, a butter knife – at school. But this Associated Press story about a 10-year-old’s impromptu show-and-tell in Helena is another matter entirely.

School officials say a 10-year-old boy has been suspended for bringing a loaded semi-automatic pistol to Central Elementary in Helena.

Police say the boy brought the .25-caliber pistol from home and was showing it to other children on the playground Tuesday afternoon. Police Chief Troy McGee says the boy told authorities he didn’t plan to hurt anyone.

It’s especially scary given that it followed by just two days a tragic accident in Great Falls. The Associated Press had that story, too:

Great Falls police say a 10-year-old boy has been shot to death and a sixth-grader is facing a negligent homicide charge in Youth Court. …

The sixth-grader appeared before Judge Dirk Sandefur for a juvenile detention hearing and was released to his father’s custody after investigators verified that all guns were removed from their apartment.

Sandefur says there was no factual basis that the shooting death was anything but reckless conduct negligent, but he said it was the responsibility of the father of the sixth-grader that there was a loaded gun in the apartment.

So very fortunate that the incident in Helena didn’t go wrong, too. Both cases serve as strong reminders about the importance of gun safety.

Gwen Florio


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