Former Grizzly football player sentenced for attack outside UM dorm

A former Grizzly football player was given a two-year deferred sentence Tuesday for his role in the September 2008 assault on a University of Montana student.

Andrew J. Douglass, 19, will spend the next two years on felony probation. He pleaded guilty in August to a felony charge of criminal endangerment, though his criminal record will be expunged if he does not run afoul of the law during the probationary period.

A prosecutor initially charged Douglass with a more serious crime of aggravated assault for his role in the attack, which involved two other former football players. The victim, also a UM student, suffered a fractured jaw, a concussion and chipped teeth.

The prosecutor agreed to reduce the charge to criminal endangerment after the victim’s oral surgeon said the injuries were not severe enough to constitute serious bodily injury, an element that must be proven in an aggravated assault case.

Read the full story here.

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